The New Educational Read And Write Learning Toy Talking Flash Cards With LCD Writing Drawing Board Tablet Reading Machine For Kids.



We have combined talking flash card reader and LCD writing tablet 2-in-1 into one upgraded learning toy. Talking flash cards reader + writing board in a center. A fun preschool learning activities game toy to teach your kids how to read, pronounce, spell, write, draw, count. Wonderful for homeschooling use, teacher supplies for classroom, sensory autism toys for Kindergarten girls and boys.

Unlock your child’s potential with this fun educational toy that makes learning new words and writing super easy! An excellent Learning tool for homeschooling use or in the preschool classroom, an engaging opportunity to building vocabulary and developing early reading, counting, drawing skills.

  • Interactive, Fun & Engaging
  • Develops Pronunciation & Memory
  • Improves Vocabulary & encourage Speech
  • Develops writing and drawing skills.

This writing board with talking flash cards is a toy specially designed for children’s education and learning. Improve your child’s cognitive skills, drawing skills, listening skills and vocabulary.

This is a must-have for children building their vocabulary and learning the meanings words and their sounds. It is a one-of-a kind toy that enables children to have so much fun while learning.

This uses the three major component of learning which are text, Images and sounds to enhance learning with aims to advance the early literacy skills that will create a lifetime effect on your children’s career.

Parents Love Pocket Vocab!

“This toy keeps the toddler entertained for a long time and is educational.!”

Tayler, United States


“Bought this as a project to work on with my son. He’s been struggling to form sentences and match words to images. So far we have completed about 1/3 of the set. He is already mastered animals, fruits and vegetables (which to be honest did shock me). Personally recommended this product for anyone looking to improve your kids english.!”

Mandy, Canada

Why Your kids Need This!

As we know, children have got the hang of visual learning more than ever. The most effective way to educate your toddlers would be introducing concepts that interest them like colors, toys, eatables, flowers, animals, or unusual patterns and shapes. These areas of topics give rise to self-curiosity and motivate children to learn more.

Thus, flashcards, also known as index cards, help in stimulating and motivating kids by helping them learn and retain easily. 

Using great sound effects and colorful pictures, This device teaches both audio and visual recognition of essential words, perfect for preschoolers and early readers. 

Helps kids in letter and object identification, spellings and color recognition.

This device also develop writing and drawing skills

It comes with an 8 Inch LCD Eye Protection large colorful screen is perfect for your child to draw, write, spell words, count, family notes and play games on the erasable drawing tablet again and again with free, no radiation, no glare.

It provides much space for toddlers to inspire their creativity and imagination with smooth bright rainbow-colored lines.

Kids can enjoy the writing with free and no mess any more.

Pronunciation,Sound Effect and Drawing Skills

This device plays both the card’s pronunciation and sound effect, so that your child can imagine the word in their head and also express them through writing and drawing!

Reduces Risk Of Speech Disorders

Learning how to properly communicate and pronounce words at an early age enhances language skills and reduces stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria.

The Pocket Vocab was designed for your child’s success by providing endless joy while learning new words and expanding their imagination.

Water Resistance Screen Board

The board and Screen is water proof resistance 

It is efficient and can still operate even with water spillage. 

More Happy Reviews From Parents

Michelle .O


I bought it as a gift for a 3 year old girl. She loved it and her mother said the girl love drawing more… and learning new words from the flash cards. Very clever how they combine the drawing board with the flash cards since the flash cards itself already cost more than half the price.

Ayuba Dan


My son is 4 and has some speech issues so I got this for him for Christmas. Well, Santa did. But he loves it. He gets to choose a card and he can hear how it’s said as well as practice his writing. Love it.

Blessing ,M


This is really cute and fun my kids actually love the fact that every card that is entered they actually read what the card says and gives you facts about the card. Nice buy now

Chibuzo Gladys 


This writing board is great I like that it’s portable and travel friendly comes with a cute dinosaur carrying bag to take on the go. Simple to use does require you to charge first before first use it didn’t say how long to charge so I charged it for about two hours until the light turned green. To turn on/off the talking for flash cards press the power button down till the green light comes on. Got this for my 19mth old and he love’s it definitely recommend!!

Aliyu Hammed 


Wow just wow. The unit is lightweight, easy to use and operate. I only struggled with powering it on and off. I did a quick press when it was a longer press to power on and off. It comes with a lovely pouch. I love that the ears are flexible and not hard like the board.As it charges there is a red indicator light when ready and on is blue and when a card is inserted it is green. There are 3 sets of cards and you can start off your child with the alphabets and numbers. It is great for visual recognition and then sound once inserted to help you practice sounding out the word. You can increase the sound and it cycles with at least 3 levels I can detect. The repeat function helps you assess which level of volume works for you. I love how the card has some sounds as well like for vehicle noises and animal noises. That also is another bonus in learning. By having a tablet that you can erase and a stylus pen that is not only tied to the board but has a special slot to snugly fit the pen so you don’t lose it. I love how they can learn to repeat the word and at the same time learn to spell the word and practice their letters and writing skills.The few cons I had were: 1. the power on /off button. It is a long press not a short press. The manual was not clear on that instruction. 2. The charging cable is about 11 inches long so you need to be close to a USB outlet. 3. The volume control is a little challenging to see if increasing or decreasing at a push of the button because you have to also press repeat to retest the sound. But once you find the level of volume you like then leave it .The charging cable is about 11 inches long so you need to be close to a USB outlet. Love this combo set. Read and write is the way to go.

Reduce Screen Time

It is designed to mimic a screen, This device keeps your children away from phones and tablets, reducing screen time and protecting the eyes of your kids.

Perfect for Parents & Teachers

Teach new vocabulary and pronunciations at home or in the classroom.

112 Unique Double Side Cards And Stylus pen.

Our toddler learning toy not only has a talking flash card reader and an 8.5 inch LCD writing tablet, it also has 112 double-sided cards (224 sight words) that allow toddlers to listen and draw at the same time. This autistic sensory toy is a great learning material to enhance toddlers’ language development, drawing skills and build vocabulary.

Premium Quality Material

This toddler toy is made of high quality ABS plastic and meets the highest health and safety standards. This learning toy is rechargeable with a USB charging cable and lasts up to 5.5 hours on a single charge, more convenient and safer than button batteries. The lightweight and portable size allows children to take it anywhere to play.This Montessori toy has no radiation, no glare, and protects your child’s eyes.


This educational toy reads the standard pronunciation of words when you insert the cards into the talking flash card reader. When the animal or vehicle card is inserted, the reader will play real animal or vehicle sounds. Press the repeat button to repeat the play and the volume button to control the sound level. After kids write with the included stylus, they can erase their handwriting with one touch or lock the screen to prevent erasing. Very easy to play.

Over 20,000+ Happy Customer

He played with it none stop

I got this for my 4 year old autistic son who is obsessed with words and spelling. He can spend all day having an adult label words. I gave this toy to him at 10 am and he literally was glued to this and played with it nonstop until when he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer.

It’s pretty simple and my son can use it on his own. He does have a slight motor delay and it took about 100 tries (over an hour) of me leading his hand for him to get the hang of putting the cards in. Now he’s a pro at it and uses the repeat button as well.

What i love about it the most is, it’s rechargeable! Many toddler toys are battery operated and it’s annoying having to spend more on batteries for an affordable toy.

Mr Audrey West From USA
Great and awesome learning tool

This educational tool is a great one to have in your arsenal. If you’re familiar with talking flags card devices this takes it farther. On top of being able to see and hear the words, you little one now has the ability to copy the word and/or picture. My little ones love hearing the word and pressing the repeat button repeatedly. My only concern is if you’re little one is not capable of taking care of flash cards you can bet that they will be destroyed. The volume isn’t very high and the lack there of controls is a real bummer. The stylus is a decent size for a child learning to hold a writing utensil. The tether is a pretty long length on its’own and is elastic making it a bit more durable from dragging and pulling. Writing and drawing is fun again as mistakes are a welcomed and easily wiped away a the push of a button and you get a clean slate. While the button may be too easy to push as siblings can definitely create rivalries.Overall it’s a quality product with a lot of cards categories. The drawing/writing pad is a great addition to an age old device.

Mr Chimobi From Imo
It is worth the price.

This learning kit offers a lot of value. From sight words to drawing, and even pronunciation. There is even a board to draw on. This is an excellent way for kids to learn what something is, pronounce the words, then draw it. Overall, a great learning device.


Mrs Suliyah From USA
Awesome Educational Tool

Ok so this item is amazing! It’s such a great educational tool, especially for homeschoolers. It is light weight, making it an easy use for little hands. It has volume control, and I like that it charges over using batteries.

Mrs Abayomi .U. From Delta
Excellent Toy for My 2 yr Old Grandson

My nephew really likes this! It’s reusable because of course you can erase the writing and kids can grow with this item. As they learn to write, they can improve their lettering as they practice. The item comes with two packs of learning words. I like that the device repeats the words and has animal sounds. Good learning activity for young kids.

Mrs Bella Muhammed From Kaduna
Great for kids with verbal issues.

It is very practical. I believe that a child with special needs can communicate. I bought it for my son who is autistic. This was a valuable way for him to learn simple words and identify with pictures and names. It was small put perfect for a small child’s hands. Quality of sound was perfect. Lots of cards included.. I LOVE IT

Mrs Florence From Kube

You get a free E-book on vocabulary development for kids when you order for Our 2 In 1 educational device. 

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See for yourself why this device™ is beloved by parents and children all across the world!

We stand by our product

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Only 15 pieces left

Package Included

Card Reader x 1
Double-sided flash card x 112

2 in 1 Flashcard Reader with lcd writing

This is a must-have for children building their vocabulary and learning the meanings words and their sounds and also improve their writing and drawing skills. It is a one-of-a kind toy that enables children to have so much fun while learning.

Outstanding Design​

This device has no screen! Your little ones will have reduced screen time while learning new words and having loads of fun!

Additionally, there are built-in buttons to adjust volume and repeat the sounds!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Flash card reader™ can be used up to 4.5 hours with a single charge.

The words are common objects that toddlers and children interact with every day, such as fruits, objects, vehicles and colors.

The cards are made with heavy-weight (350g) coated paper and laminated with thermoplatic film so that the cards are lightly waterproof and not so easy to be fold and tear up by kids.

Simply press the right sided button to hear the word again! You can press it as many times as you want.

The Flash card reader™ is perfect for children between the ages of 2-5 and older if they are speech impaired!

The volume button is located on the bottom left in the front of the device.


Currently the device™ is only available in English! But please keep an eye out for new releases with expanded language.



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